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10 Quotes to help you cope with change!

By November 3, 2019 Inspiration


10 Quotes to help you cope with



Change, that wonderful thing we love to hate and whether we like it or not, change will always exist. As the Greek Philosopher Heracleitus said,

Heracleitus quote

If we believe this to be true, that change is unchanging, then we must find ways to embrace change.

Here are 10 ideas and quotes to cope with that thing we love to hate – CHANGE!


1. The only constant is

Remember that the only constant is change. Everything passes including pain and frustration so just observe what comes up and know that is only for now.

Gerringong Beach
2. Focus on what
can be won

In every situation something is either getting better or worse so there is always something to be won and something to be lost. Focus on what can be won!

“I never lose, I either win or learn.” ~ NELSON MANDELA ~
3.  Be grateful for
experiences and then let
them go.


If the feelings, emotions, excitement, people, experiences etc come back to your life, great! If not, you have already released the moment/experience and are free to continue living in the now rather than trying to recreate the past.


Try out a meditation on letting go here.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to live the life that’s waiting for us.” ~ E.M. FORSTER ~
4. See change as a clue

See change as a welcome clue to the purpose and meaning of your life. Sometimes the detours put in our path direct us to places we would never have perchance found by ourselves. It is often on the path less travelled that we find our way!

“When you see change as the only constant there really is, you start to recognise it as an expression of ongoing life that’s a welcome clue to your own purpose and meaning.” ~ WAYNE DYER ~
5. See endings as new

If you see endings as new beginnings, then every loss is filled with the joy and excitement of possibility.

“Observe how endings become beginnings.” ~ LAO TZU ~
6. Focus on the positive
effects of change.

Change can be a great thing! Think of the positive changes that happen to your body when you practise yoga every day.

“As practice makes perfect, I cannot but make progress; each drawing one makes, each study one paints, is a step forward.” ~ VINCENT VAN GOGH ~
7. Flow with the natural
cycles of life

We have seasons in the weather for a reason. Each season has a different dynamic and gives us something different that we need. Eg. Winter allows us to slow down and turn inwards, spring, a time to reset, summer, new energy, and autumn, a time to shed our skins.

“An apple blossom in the spring time appears to be a pretty little flower, yet it has intent built into it and will manifest in the summer as an apple.” ~ WAYNE DYER ~
8. Pull down your walls

No, I’m not suggesting you tear down your house, although, this too could be quite fulfilling! No, I am talking about those imagined walls we create around ourselves to protect our hearts from pain. When we are hurt we build up walls and defence mechanisms in a hope that we will never again feel this pain, however, when we build those walls we close ourselves off to new opportunities, opportunities that might instead bring us more love and joy. So bring down those walls today, who knows what you might find outside!

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” ~ CHINESE PROVERB ~
9. Find joy in everything
you do!

Find the joy in everything little thing you do – so even if everything is changing around you you can find joy in it!

“Every day is a new opportunity to begin again. Every day is your birthday.” ~ THE DALAI LAMA and DESMOND TUTU ~
10. Home is where the
heart is 

Keep home close to your heart, then home will be wherever you are. You will always be home, without desire to be elsewhere.

“When there is no place that you have decided to call your own, then no matter where you go, you are always heading home.” ~ MUSO SOSEKI ~

And now I shall lead you with the infamous lyrics from the Broadway Tony Award Winning Musical, Avenue Q.

“Except  for  death  and  paying  taxes, 

everything  in  life  is  only  for  now.”




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