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10 Ways to Kickstart your Dream!

By August 26, 2019 August 26th, 2020 Feel Good, Inspiration

10  ways  to  Kickstart  your  Dream!

Have a dream but feel like it’s too far away to reach? Then here are 10 ways to kickstart your dream, no matter how big it is!

says the infamous dream-maker Walt Disney. And although the pessimists in the world may say that this is ‘bulls*#t’ I truly believe this and if you look at some of the most amazing inventions throughout history like electricity, computers, internet – things that did not previously exist – if someone had not had the courage to dream them they would never have come into existence. 

If every obstacle every human had ever faced was perceived as a failure and everyone just gave up at the first roadblock, life simply would not continue. Yet life continues because people are inherently dreamers and when they open up to their imaginations anything is possible, there are no limits. Consider those who have lost a leg or an arm or both and yet find solutions to their problems and create possibilities for their lives. As Confucius said,

Confucious Quote

Dreams might have been given a hard knock in modern times of pessimism and fear but it is the power of our dreams that moves us forward.

1. Take action.

Dreams are just the starting point for our imaginations. We can day dream all day long and nothing will happen. Once we have a dream, we need to take action. As Steve Maraboli says, 

Steve Maraboli quote on dreams
Woman stretching on a yoga mat

2. Trust that dreams can come true… it might just take some work!

In the book ‘Way of the peaceful warrior’ by Dan Millman the guru of the story says, ‘Even someone who is overweight, weak, or inflexible can become a fine gymnast, but the preparation is longer and more difficult.’ This is my belief as well – Yes! Everyone can achieve their dreams but only some are prepared to do the work. I have so many people tell me they don’t do yoga because they are not flexible or come to class and apologise for not being flexible. But to me that is insanity because the way you become more flexible (if that is what you desire) is by practicing. It’s hard work. We all have obstacles – there is no clear or easy path for anyone (however great someone’s Facebook or Insta account looks). Work and suffering are part of the way.

Set of dirty legs

3. Ask yourself

whether you are

willing to suffer

for your dream.


The popular author of “The subtle art of not giving a fuck” Mark Manson says it well when he says,

Mark Manson Quote

He basically says that pain and suffering are an inevitable part of life and we need to choose our suffering. In reaching any dream there will be suffering on the way and at the top. As Manson say “The person you marry is the person you fight with. The house you buy is the house you repair. The dream job you take is the job you stress over. Everything comes with an inherent sacrifice—whatever makes us feel good will also inevitably make us feel bad. What we gain is also what we lose.” A question Manson suggests will help guide us as to what we truly want is:

“What pain do you want in your life?
What are you willing to struggle for?” 

4. Check in with yourself that you are not making excuses.

Are you making excuses? Are you playing the victim card? What excuses do you have for not living your dreams? Are you blaming your upbringing, where you live, how people in the past have hurt you to stunt your growth? Then ask yourself ‘is it true?’? If it is a fear you have that stems from the past or the future then it is not true for this moment. It is what you do in the present moment that dictates your future. As Ekhart Tolle says, “You create a good future by creating a good present.” 

5. Are you already living your dream?

Perhaps you are already living your dream so practicing gratitude for what you have and being humble is also another valid option. Perhaps you feel guilt that you do not have huge aspirations and are content with where you are. If you can find the dream of your life in every moment then you are already living your dreams! 

6. Ask yourself what 90 year old version will look back on.

Imagine your are 90 years old and you are looking back on your life. Ask yourself what were the best moments of your life? Do have any regrets? This is often enough to help us make the decisions we need to in order to follow our dreams.

man playing a guitar

7. Think outside the box.

 Society has a way of making us feel like we need to fit in boxes with a label on it. But think of all the people throughout history who have broken all the rules, defied convention and lived their best lives. I remember as a young child loving ballet but my ballet teacher told me I did not have the right bone structure or body shape to be a ballerina. Now this blows my mind – if you can perform the movement and if you work hard at the movement anyone become a ballet dancer! You can be anything you desire – re-invent the wheel!

Woman dancing at the beach

8. Dare to be a fool!

With any new invention or discovery one must travel outside of their comfort zone and also that which is known. As Stefan Stenudd (author of the Life Energy Encyclopedia) says, “Genius and folly are each other’s prerequisite. The one cannot exist without the other. You have to dare to be a fool for your thoughts to go beyond what you already know. Any great discovery begins as an absurdity…”

9. Use visualisation techniques.

I like to think of visualising dreams as a way of putting your order in with the Universe. Although it may not instantaneously make your dream come true, this bizarre, mysterious thing we call life has a way of helping you out. Once your order is placed then things, people, opportunities start coming into your life to help you realise your dreams. And if you think visualisation is a bit of a crock think twice – there have been studies that have found that visualising yourself exercising burns more calories than not thinking about exercise!

Want a calorie burning meditation?

10. Be happy with your present.

Although dreams are wonderful at keeping us alive and motivated, check in that your dreams aren’t always drawing you away from the present moment. Are you always wanting to be somewhere else? Are you putting all your happiness into a dream coming true? Can you be happy now and pursue your dream? 


As Walt Disney says,

“If  you  can  dream  it  you  can  do  it”!





Emma Hawthorne is a professional Singer and Dancer as well as Yoga and Dance Instructor. She has toured with many Australasian tours of Musicals including Wicked, Hair, Mamma Mia, West Side Story, and Dr Zhivago. She frequently teaches Yoga and Dance at the Sydney Dance Company Studios as well as other studios in and around Sydney. She also has on online studio omunay.com where she has hundreds of online classes in Yoga, Dance, Pilates, and Meditation. Emma is currently living a self-converted bus home called ‘Winnie the Mini Bus’ and travelling around Australia.

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