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Are your thoughts draining you of energy?

By September 10, 2019 Health

Are your thoughts draining you of energy?

Energy is one of our most valuable resources that we have. We need energy to survive yet we very rarely check in with our energy bank and what in fact energises us. Thoughts can have such a powerful impact on our lives, yet every thought has a cost. Have you ever wondered whether your thoughts are energising you or draining you of energy? If you are feeling de-energised, perhaps it is time to check in with your mental chatter and give it a spring clean today!



When you take into account that the brain uses 20% of our daily energy requirements, we can’t really afford to have scatter brains. If we think of each thought as costing us a certain amount of energy then maybe we would think twice about letting our minds wander aimlessly. Like a child in a lolly store, we need to tame our minds. The less caught up we are in our heads the more space there is to be present and the more energised we will feel.

If every thought we have has a cost on our energy levels, perhaps we need to consider our energetic budget. What thoughts serve you well and boost your energy? What thoughts do not serve you well and deplete you of energy? And then in light of this, what thoughts are you willing to let go of? Yet it is all very well to acknowledge this on an intellectual level but how do you go about cutting certain thoughts from your energetic budget?

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Meditation is an awesome tool to use to help slow down our stream of thoughts. By slowing down and focusing our attention on the breath we become more aware of the thoughts we are having. It’s not until we stop, pause and listen that we become aware of how much chatter is going in in our minds. Of course some of this chatter is important but there is a lot of it we can clear which will help to conserve precious energy. 

It can be shocking and confronting when we actually listen to our inner voice. I remember when I first attempted to “meditate” in my early twenties that I absolutely hated it. The reason I hated it was because I was confronted with how nasty my inner voice was. The constant flow of thoughts in my mind were so negative, disempowering, and just downright rude. I would never treat a friend like that and here I was being my own worst enemy. And so I avoided meditation completely. It was simply easier to ignore it rather than face it. Yet those negative and derogatory thoughts were not only sabotaging my life but also depleting my energy.

Woman sitting at the beach meditating in the sun

Buddha says:

 “All  that  we  are  is  the  result  of  what  we  have  thought.  The  mind  is  everything.  What  we  think  we  become.” 

If we believe this to be true then we can also believe that we can be anything, anyone, and achieve anything. So how can you transform your thoughts to match who you want to be, how you want to be treated, and into thoughts that energise you. We have the power to create the lives we want. Our only limits are those of our mind.


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It’s not only important that we clear out our own negative thoughts for our personal well being but also for the larger communities we live in. Have you ever been walking in a crowd and find yourself caught up in the emotions and feelings of those around you? If thoughts are flying around our energetic bodies and we are jammed together then not only do we become entangled with each other physically but our thoughts also get caught in a major traffic jam. How can we possibly stay calm or clear in these situations? We have seen what happens in these situations when mass hysteria arises and situations get out of hand. 

If people had more control over their thoughts, then perhaps we would in fact induce peace on others around us. While we might be highly aware of our environmental footprint on the world, do you know what your energetic footprint is on the world? Working on yourself not only brings more love, peace, and joy into your life, but impacts the entire world!

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And so I will leave you with the words of Lao Tzu:

“Watch  your  thoughts;  They  become  words.

 Watch  your  words;  They  become  actions.

 Watch  your  actions;  They  become  habits.

 Watch  your  habits;  They  become  character.

 Watch  your  character;  It  becomes  your  destiny.”






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